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Corrugated cardboard


Pressure resistant corrugated board / fourteen layer corrugated board / heavy packing material / liquid bag baffle

Product Name: corrugated board

Cardboard explanation:

Corrugated board: also known as corrugated board. It is made of at least one layer of corrugated paper and one layer of box board paper (also called box board), with good elasticity and extensibility. It is mainly used for making cartons, sandwiches of cartons and other packaging materials of fragile goods. After beating with native straw pulp and waste paper, the original paperboard similar to yellow paperboard is made, and then it is mechanically processed to be corrugated, and then it is bonded with box paperboard with adhesives such as sodium silicate on its surface.

The corrugations of corrugated paperboard are like arch doors connected one by one. They are arranged in a row and supported each other to form a triangle structure. They have good mechanical strength and can bear certain pressure from the plane. They are elastic and have good buffering effect. They can be made into cushions or containers of various shapes and sizes according to their needs, which is simpler and faster than plastic buffering materials. They are subject to temperature It has small influence, good blackout, not deteriorated by light, and generally less affected by humidity, but it is not suitable for long-term use in the environment with high humidity, which will affect its strength.


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